If you receive an error message stating that your transaction cannot currently be processed after confirming your payment, this is usually caused by a problem during the authentication process initiated by your bank. This can occur for a number of different reasons, and the problem can usually be resolved by making sure you have entered your card details correctly, and trying again at a later point in time.

To ensure that you're not paying for the same item twice, you may also want to check your email inbox for any receipts and your Music page" to see whether the tracks have been added there before reattempting the purchase.

Should the problem persist, please contact our Customer Services team.

If you cannot even reach the checkout page, but are being redirected to the login page every time you click "Checkout", this is likely to be caused by a conflict between our service and the "cookies" that your browser uses to communicate with our service.

To resolve this, we suggest deleting your cookies as follows, depending on your browser:

1. Internet Explorer:
Open Internet Explorer and to go Tools > Internet Options > General > Delete Browsing History > Delete All and tick the box: "Also delete files and settings stored…". You might need to restart your computer after doing this.

2. Firefox:
Open Firefox and go to Tools > Clear Private Data, a pop-up will appear. Tick the Cookies box then select the Clear Private Data button from the bottom of the pop-up. You might need to restart your computer after doing this.

If you are having difficulty paying for other reasons, please contact our Customer Services team.
If you are uncertain whether you have been charged for a download, you can:

1. Check your Locker to see if the files that you were attempting to purchase appear on the first page.
2. Check your inbox (and any spam/junk folder) for an emailed receipt. You should expect a receipt for every purchase from zdigital.

If you are still uncertain whether your transaction completed successfully, you should contact our support team.
If you purchase downloads from zdigital or from a site operated by zdigital, you should automatically receive a confirmation email receipt from us.

If the message does not appear in your inbox, you may wish to check your spam/junk folder.
No, you can download every track you purchase up to 3 times, depending on the restrictions imposed by the record labels.

If you have any difficulty with a download, please contact our Customer Services team.
Re-purchasing a download is very unlikely to solve the problem that you have encountered.

In most cases the issue can be resolved by re-downloading your tracks from your "Your Music" page. If the problem with your download persists, then please contact our Customer Services team before you do anything else.
We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

You can also purchase from us using PayPal.

Please select your preferred option in Checkout.
If you purchased from us using a credit or debit card, the card information is stored securely with your account. This will mean that you will not have to re-enter the card details for your future purchases.

To remove credit/debit card details from your account:

  1. On the website, add a track or product to your basket (this must not be a free track or product). You will need to take this item to the checkout page but you will not be required to make a purchase.

  2. Click the checkout button and sign in if required

  3. Below the credit card details listed on the checkout page is a 'delete card' button. Clicking on this button will remove the card from your account.

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services team, who will be happy to do this for you.
You will be charged for your download at the time of purchase.
When you add a new card to your account, our system will place a reservation of 1.00 on the available funds in your balance. This is to test that your credit or debit card is currently valid and has credit to cover the purchases you wish to make from us.

So though you might see such authorisation requests on your online statement, be assured that no money will be taken from your account. This is a temporary hold only and the amount reserved will be released within seven working days.
You may have acquired the voucher from a number of sources and your voucher will entitle you to a certain number of tracks or albums. If you acquired the voucher code from a partner of zdigital, please follow the instructions issued by this partner. If these instructions are not clear, please contact our support team and we can assist.

If you acquired the voucher directly from zdigital, then please check through the following steps to redeem your voucher code:

1. Select your downloads by adding to the basket, and click Checkout when you are ready to proceed.
2. If you already have a zdigital account, please sign in with your account details. If you are a new customer then you will need to select ‘I want to sign up’ and follow the instructions to create your account.
3. At the Checkout page, you will see a box labelled ‘Enter vouchers here’ below your basket. Enter your voucher code and select ‘APPLY’.
4. If you are not purchasing additional downloads, your basket total will be zero and you can select ‘Go To Downloads’ to access these tracks from your Locker. If you are purchasing additional downloads, your basket total will be reduced and you can select other payment options to complete the purchase and proceed to your Locker.

Please note that if your voucher entitles you to more than one download, you can use the voucher on multiple visits until the voucher has been fully redeemed, i.e. you do not have to redeem the full value of the voucher in any single visit.
Please inform the support team that you are unable to redeem the voucher. Please include where the voucher was obtained and submit the code you are having difficulty with.
If you are located outside the UK, you will be unable to purchase from our site. However, we operate download sites in an increasing number of other countries.

To see if we have a store for your country, please scroll to the bottom of the page to view the links to our current international services.

My Account

If you have forgotten your sign up email address, please contact our Customer Services team.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.
To change your password or other details associated with your account, please go to My Account.

To change your email address, please contact us via the form on the bottom of this page.
If you purchased from us using a credit or debit card, the card information will be stored in encrypted form in relation to your account. This will mean that you will not have to re-enter the card details for your future purchases.

If you wish to have your credit/debit card details removed from your account, please visit the "Add/Remove cards" section on your "Account" page.
To sign up to the 7digital newsletter, please scroll to the bottom of this website and make use of the "Sign Up" section.
In order to unsubscribe from our newsletter, please click the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any 7digital newsletter.
We encourage you to keep your zdigital account so that you can always re-access the downloads that you have already purchased. However, if you wish to delete your zdigital account, please contact our support team.
Previously purchased tracks may not be available to download again if they have been removed from our catalogue, or if your purchase has been refunded.


MP3 is universally compatible, so you can play our MP3 music files on iPods and other Mac products, and they are also ideal for mobile phones and any MP3 player.

We also offer a large portion of our catalogue in AAC, which is compatible with iPods, iTunes and iPhones.

If you’re buying video, look for , which indicates that a format optimised for playback on the iPod and iPhone is available.

For more information on the various formats we offer, please click here.
All new and recently-added MP3 downloads will contain artwork but downloads from the older part of our catalogue may not. However, we are working to deliver artwork with all MP3 downloads. If you have purchased Windows Media files from us in the past, please note that these do not include artwork due to technical limitations with this type of file.
You can buy downloads prior to the indicated release date, or "pre-order".

When you do so, your purchase will appear in your "Your Music" page, with the release date shown next to it.

Sign in to your "Your Music" page on that date to access these downloads.
Tracks are removed from your basket each time you log out of your zdigital account or close your browser window.

We will be adding a function in the near future that allows users to save downloads to purchase at a later date.
zdigital is not a subscription-based service. Our customers are only charged for downloads they have purchased, at the point of purchase.
If you are unable to find the tracks that you are looking for via our advanced search facility, then we are not able to sell those downloads to you at the moment. It may be that the content you are looking for is not distributed digitally or that it has not been licensed for your country.

Please check back from time to time.
The BPI, which represents the British record industry, operates a voluntary scheme to inform customers of explicit content in music products. This means that if an album or track contains sexually explicit or violent content, the record company will usually have applied the "Parental Advisory: Explicit Content" logo, which looks like this:

We support the BPI scheme and ask that adults take the logo into consideration when deciding what content is appropriate for young children.
zdigital sells digital downloads only. We do not offer CDs, DVDs or other physical products.
We are instructed by our suppliers to prevent sales of individual tracks from certain products. This may be because the track concerned is too long or the supplier might not have the rights to sell the track individually, such as in the case of soundtracks and compilation albums.
For every download we sell, zdigital pays royalties to the record or video companies that supply (or “license”) the audio/video to us, and also to any songwriters involved. The price of each download/bundle that you see in the store will be determined by the prices that we are charged by these companies. Where an album is at a lower price, this typically indicates that the price that we pay to the supplier of that album is also lower.
Our suppliers will often provide more than one format for a particular album and this sometimes results in an album being listed more than once on our site. We do try to keep duplicate listings to a minimum. However, this can be complicated as these versions are subject to appearing, disappearing or changing at any point.


If you wish to download several tracks at the same time, the quickest option is to use the zdigital Download Manager (see below).

To download more than one song at a time you will need to use the Download Manager.
Download Manager allows you to download multiple tracks from zdigital at the same time, and ‘queue’ them for downloading rather than clicking on each download individually.

It is a small application that is easy and safe to install, and will also automatically add your zdigital downloads to iTunes if you wish. Click here to get the zdigital Download Manager.

If you downloaded the track manually, you may have accidentally opened it directly from the site instead of saving it to your hard drive. If this is the case, you should either conduct a search for the file or download it again, making sure that you follow the instructions here.

Please note that you do not have to purchase a track again in order to download it a second time - it can be accessed and downloaded again from your locker page.

If you have used the zdigital Download Manager to download your files, open the Manager and click on the icon at the bottom left of the window that says 'OPEN FOLDER'. You can change the destination folder for your downloads by going to FILE > SET FOLDER.
The default setting "Let iTunes manage my downloads" works with iTunes version 9 and above with the media folder that was installed by default. If you have changed the location of your media folder in iTunes, follow the instructions below:

  1. In zdigital download manager, go to the “Downloads” menu and click on “Select Download Location”

  2. Select “I’ll manage my downloads”

  3. Click on “Browse” and navigate to your iTunes media folder. Select the “Automatically Add to iTunes” folder and click OK.

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We recommend that you use the zdigital Download manager, as we cannot guarantee compatibility with any other programs.
After installing Download Manager on your computer, go back to your web browser. Click on the Download All button to start downloading tracks using the zdigital Download Manager.
Adobe Air is a part of the Download Manager install. It is a cross platform runtime environment used for the new zdigital Download Manager to run on your computer. In plain English, it is a way for the Download Manager to be run on any operating system including Mac OS X.
If you have an older version of the Download Manager, please uninstall this by following the instructions below.

Click on the Start button in Windows

Go to All Programs > zdigital Locker > Uninstall
If you see a red icon in Download Manager it means that your download has failed. There are a few reasons why this could happen such as a slow internet connection. Click on the red icon to try downloading again. If you are still unable to download the file, please contact our Customer Services team.
Yes, the zdigital Download Manager is available for Mac OS X. Click here to get zdigital Download Manager.
If you are using an external download manager (e.g. FDM, Microsoft Download Manager or similar software), this program may be preventing you from being able to fully download a track. We recommend that you use the zdigital Download Manager to download your tracks.
Go to your "Your Music" page to view your purchased music.
Next to the cover image of the release you would like to download, click on “show/hide tracks”.
Click on the individual track titles now displayed in order to download these song one by one.
A zip file allows you to download several of your tracks at the same time as a single, smaller file for distribution. You will need to ‘unzip’ this file and extract your downloads before you can play or transfer them to an MP3 player or mobile phone.

You will not require any special software to unzip the file if you are on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or OSX operating systems.
The easiest way to add tracks to your iTunes library is by using the zdigital Download Manager. This will automatically add your zdigital music to iTunes.

To manually add a file to your iTunes library, open iTunes and go to FILE > ADD FILE TO LIBRARY. Alternatively, you can add all media files saved within a specific folder by going to FILE > ADD FOLDER TO LIBRARY.

If your downloads are contained within a single zip file, you will need to ’unzip’ the file and extract your downloads before they can be added to your iTunes library or transferred to an iPod.
To transfer a file to an iPod, you will need to add it to your iTunes library (see above). The file will be transferred to your iPod the next time you 'sync’ your music.

The procedure for transferring downloads to an MP3 player varies according to the type of player you are using. You may need to consult the user manual or help pages for your player for detailed instructions.

If your MP3 player is linked to your music library, in most cases you will need to add a download to this library and it will be transferred to your player the next time you sync your music.
In most cases the issue can be resolved by re-downloading your tracks from your "Your Music" page. If the problem with your download persists, please contact our Customer Services team and include the details of the download you are having trouble with and the type of problem that you have experienced.

Please do not purchase the download again as re-purchasing is unlikely to rectify the problem.
The procedure for transferring downloads to a mobile phone varies depending on the type of handset that you are using. You may need to consult the user manual or help pages for your mobile phone for detailed instructions.

If the music on your mobile is linked to your music library on your computer, in most cases you will need to add a download to this library and it will be transferred to your mobile the next time you ‘sync’ your music.
If you have downloaded your music as a single (zip) file, you should make sure that you have extracted the files before you attempt to play them.

If you continue to experience difficulty transferring or playing your downloads on your MP3 player or mobile phone, please contact our support team, including the details of the download you are having trouble with.
Yes. As long as you have a device connected to the internet, you can enjoy your 7digital music library through the 7digital Player. This is a web-based application that allows you to stream your purchased tracks on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Simply follow the link to the 7digital Player at the top of any page in the store to open the application in your browser.

You can browse through your music by artist, album or track title, and conveniently access your most recent purchases via the left-hand tab. And while you listen to your library, you’ll see music recommendations appear, based on whichever artist you’re playing.

Please be aware that the 7digital Player is beta software and is currently under development. As such, some features may not be fully functional yet. Please also note that this service is not currently available outside of the UK due to licensing restrictions.

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